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Banana Splits on New Year’s Eve (1976)


New Year’s Eve: a raucous celebration with drinks and delights for everyone—except me. I, forever the baby, old enough to want for the midnight merriment; young enough to be excluded from what ‘the big kids’ and my parents enjoyed.

But 1976 changed Everything. Jimmy Carter, 52, poised to pull The White House out of Republican scandal; I, 10, finally allowed to stay up and greet the new year.

Still a month away from the Blizzard of ‘77 that would incapacitate Western NY, the gray, frigid Eve perpetuated a gray, frigid December. The twelve-degree outdoor temperature coaxed me into my new Christmas snowsuit, a down-stuffed, full-body outfit, to hike with my older brother and sister to our neighborhood supermarket. I didn’t care about the cold. Midnight loomed large—and we had a rare $5 bill from our unemployed dad. “Treat yourselves,” he invited, handing my brother the money as he and Mom left to play a piano-and-vocalist gig they’d been lucky enough to book.

Five dollars! In the Freezer aisle, we negotiated with the fervor of a United Nations debate; my tiny vote for Spanish peanuts nearly lost amidst my older siblings’ insistent selections: the cubed carton of Sealtest Neapolitan; the jet-black can of Hershey’s syrup; the tall canister of spray crème; the brown ooze of Smucker’s caramel; the stemmed cherries suspended in red fluid; the sticky jar of wet walnuts; the blonde trio of bananas.

Back home, we pulled out the cut-glass, canoe-shaped bowls and began scooping, doling, slicing, dribbling. Transporting our creamy treasure to the family room, we fought over TV trays and couch space.

Finally settled in front of Dick Clark, I spooned in mouthful after mouthful of the banana-laced bounty, waiting for the glittery ball to drop, marveling at the privilege of grown-ups.


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The Big Pencil Awards 2013

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I am very honored to be one of the recipients of this year’s Big Pencil Award this evening from Writers & Books.

Enjoyed meeting lots of literary folks, including fellow McQuaidian David Schickler!

Writers & Books November 16, 2013

Writers & Books November 16, 2013

Gregory Gerard is honored to receive the Golden Goose award from The Grimm Report today. A fantastically clever and humorous blog. The Brothers Grimm got nothin’ on Eric Wilder! 

Monday, October 08, 2007

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Toss down TV Guide!

Peel yourself away from People!
Nix the National Enquirer!


There’s something much more important you need to know: The Annual Glove Notice has gone “e”. 

(And we hope you’ll go “eeee” with glee when you read this year’s Annual Glove Notice online at


This year’s installment includes:

  • Glove testimony from repeat columnist, Elizabeth      Hughes Boice
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  • Glove friends, links, and contact info for use      in all your glove inquiries 


Without delay, visit!  Your fingers will thank you.


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Every gay man needs a married woman to talk to. And visa versa.

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The Solid Limb

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November 9th, 2011

Many of you know I recorded a video last year for the It Gets Better project (Gay Catholic Author Says It Gets Better). The video received notice in a news article by the Religious News Service (Gays tell teens It Gets Better despite religion) and continues to receive hits — and comments.

Recently, I received the following comment:

‘what is the matter with you? your story was beautiful up until you mentioned your boy friend and marriage. that’s terrible and completely wrong according to Catholic Tradition.Grgory58′

I prepared a response to Grgory58…but was not able to fit it all in given the 500 character limit on YouTube. Here’s my full reply:


There is nothing wrong with me – or you either. We are both God’s perfect creation. You say that my having a boyfriend or being married to a man as ‘terrible and completely wrong according to Catholic Tradition.’

To the first part of that comment (the ‘terrible’ part), I strongly disagree. Love, self-acceptance, and the need for human companionship are not ‘terrible.’There are lots of things in this world that are terrible…like the fact that over 120,000 lives have been lost in the Iraq war. Or that gay teens are between two and three times more likely to commit suicide than their heterosexual peers. Or just plain old everyday bigotry or hatred. Those things are TERRIBLE. Think about it. Pray about it.

To the second part (the ‘Catholic’ part), I do agree that sexual relations between two people of the same gender are ‘completely wrong according to Catholic Tradition’ – although I would add ‘as we know it today’ (read John Boswell’s Christianity, Social Tolerance and Homosexuality to learn more about what that was like in the past). What I have learned in my head and heart throughout my thirties and now into my forties, is that God and love are much, much larger than Catholic Tradition. And that Catholic Tradition has not always ‘gotten it right.’ As a result, Catholic Tradition no longer drives my decisions.

I do recognize that, per the Catholic Church, I’m considered ‘out on a limb’ in my belief that same-gender love and commitment are blessed. But I’m filled with peace out here on this solid limb, swaying gently in the summer breeze. Because now, 45 years down the road of this life, I recognize that God is out here with me. Along with lots of other faithful, good people, all trying to make their way home.

Just like you and me.


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Vitamin Dee-licious

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February 27th, 2011


Okay, so I blogged last winter about SAD (Everybody Needs a Husky) but this year I’ve discovered something that those darned Eskimoes already knew.


Vitamin D.


As my younger friend, Kate, would say, ‘It’s the bomb!’


When I was feeling so low last winter, I went to the doctor and considered anitdepressants…anything to take away the dull, grey sludgey feeling of Februrary hanging over my mood. He actually suggested that I get my Vitamin D3 levels checked. I did — I was at 13! (Normal is 30-80).


Now for those citizens of the Arctic circle (or Rochester and Seattle) where the sun doesn’t shine as much as we’d like, I’ve heard in the past that they know to keep a steady diet of salmon. Guess what? It’s a natural source of Vitamin D3. Also cod liver oil, fortified milk, yogurt, etc. etc. etc. Guess what else? When I got the list of all the Vitamin D3 rich foods, I discovered I don’t eat ANY of them. (With the exception of cheese on my pizza…but that was WAY low on the Vita D-rich list). I also realized I was wearing 50 sunblock starting in May and June…so I wasn’t getting my Vitamin D3 that way, either. No wonder my low mood carried on through the spring the last couple of years. Who knew?


The doctor put me on a prescription Vitamin D supplement (50,000 IUs per week!) for 8 weeks. Finally, by August, my levels got up in normal range (32). Guess what else else? I started feeling like ME again. Not the drudge who inhabits my body during winter. ME.


Flash forward to this winter. I’m taking a daily dose of over-the-counter Vitamin D3 (I’m taking 2000 IUs a day (twice the daily recommended amount), but my bloodword says I’m still only at 27, so I’m not in danger of hypervitaminosis D!) And guess what else else else? I haven’t been feeling SAD this winter.






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