The NERVOUS STOMACH Series — Ego-Strategy 15: WONDER WOMAN

Posted: August 18, 2013 in The NERVOUS STOMACH Series

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

The NERVOUS STOMACH Series — Ego-Strategy 15: WONDER WOMAN
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I’m thirty-five and listening to Maroon 5.   I’m not even sure who they are, but my nephew got me into them, so I go with it. 

It’s one of those steamy hot summer nights at the campground.  I’m there with my spitz-husky, Cooper, who loves the bluffs where the waves crash when it’s windy. 

Coop and I head out for a midnight run on the beach near the bluffs, and that’s when he starts barking furiously.  It’s pitch black, all I can see in the late moon glow is someone backed up against bluff.  I call Cooper off and try to explain, but suddenly two guys and a dog attack us — from the left, right, and middle. 

Cooper takes on the dog while I’m working against the two others.  I’m glad I’ve been working out so much this summer — because as I’ve always imagined might happen in a situation like this, I explode into one of those scenes from The Matrix where Neo is throwing body kicks and punches at lightning speed.  The first guy is down before he knows what hits him.  The second is more of an equal opponent — I sense he’s seen The Matrix too.  We back slowly away from each other, evaluating in the dim light.  We pace in a half circle, then I do the Morpheus hand motion, waving him forward. 

With a huge yell, he assumes the crane pose from Karate Kid and launches himself at me.  Taking him off guard, I do a Lynda Carter Wonder Woman spin and beat off his attack.  Now he’s on the ground.  Now he’s out cold.

After I check on Coop, who’s chased his doggie opponent away, after the police come and arrest the two guys for smuggling cocaine through the caves at the foot of the bluff (a la The Hardy Boys), after Cooper and I are featured in the local newspaper “The Bluff Blog” — I rent some Wonder Woman DVDs.  Cooper and I settle into our regular spots at home and enjoy some guilty pleasure TV.

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