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Thursday, November 29, 2007

Current mood: Heavy Sigh…

I’m seventeen and ready for bed.  It’s one of those nights where I’m up late screwing off with all my friends when I really should be doing my Chemistry lab.  But, what the hell, it’s not due until Friday, and this is only Wednesday.  

I get ready for bed at my sisters’ apartment, the one near my school in the city, the one where I stay and pretend I’m an orphan or some kid who didn’t really belong in my family, just somehow showed up one day and got included.  I’m sleeping in the living room, ’cause that’s where I fit best when they are both home.  On nights when my one sister works at the nursing home I get her bed — but tonight she’s not working, she’s drinking vodka with me and my friends.  That’s why we didn’t get the Chem lab done.

My friends are there too — my sisters seem to like them, so they are welcome at the apartment, and we all crash on the floor of the living room.  It’s one of those times when I wish I was alone with my best friend, because my head is buzzed just enough to admit that I’m hot for him.  But our other friends are right there too, so nothing happens, and I lay down with my own sleeping bag and think about what might have been.  Or what could be. 

We are all trying to fall asleep but I am really having a hard time of it.  The vodka was stronger than normal — Absolut, not Smirnoff — and my head is spinning.  I start humming, then giggling, then singing lyrics.  “My baby takes the morrning train…”  My friends punch me, then laugh, then join in the singing.  Pretty soon we are singing all the way to the end of the song, where “he works so hard …” and I am giggling to myself thinking about him working so hard….then thinking of my best friend…then somehow I am finally asleep.   

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