The Martini Chronicles

Posted: August 18, 2013 in The Martini Chronicles

The Martini Chronicles

She chuckled as he choked on his martini. “But I digress. We were coming up with a name for you. I mean for you-with-respect-to-me. Let’s see…it’s gotta rhyme, like the fag hag thing. What are you? My fey gay? My day gay?”
He scowled. “I’m about as ‘fey’ as I am middle-ag—”
“Shhhh. Don’t change the subject. Bay, say, dismay—”
His scowl shifted to laughter. “Dismay gay?”
She pushed his martini glass closer to him. “Work with me here. How about ‘way gay?’”
“Way gay’s not so bad.” Chuck took a final sip from his glass, exposing the caramel square to air.
“Pray, tray, lay—”
“‘Lay gay?’ I think that one’s a little off topic.”
She laughed and snapped her fingers. “I’ve got it! ‘Play gay.’ You’re my play gay. I have a husband for the married stuff and I have you to come out and play with.”

The video version:
The book version:

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