MY ART: Annual Glove Notice —

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Monday, October 08, 2007

MY ART: Annual Glove Notice —
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Toss down TV Guide!

Peel yourself away from People!
Nix the National Enquirer!


There’s something much more important you need to know: The Annual Glove Notice has gone “e”. 

(And we hope you’ll go “eeee” with glee when you read this year’s Annual Glove Notice online at


This year’s installment includes:

  • Glove testimony from repeat columnist, Elizabeth      Hughes Boice
  • Glove archives, so you can review your favorite      notices from the past
  • Glove friends, links, and contact info for use      in all your glove inquiries 


Without delay, visit!  Your fingers will thank you.


Currently   listening :
  Despite Our   Differences
  By Indigo Girls
  Release date: 19 September, 2006     

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