What Do You Reach For First?

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April 11th, 2010

When you first wake up…I mean just when you’re coming out of that drowsy, half-sleepy, half-still-in-a-dream state, and the day is just beginning, and you start to think about getting up, WHAT DO YOU REACH FOR FIRST?

Is it a book, to spend a few minutes reading the next chapter in a mystery that you were too tired to finish the night before?

If you’re sleeping with someone else, is it your other half, to give a hearty hug (and maybe something else)? If you’re sleeping alone, is it a hug for yourself (and maybe something else)?

Is it a rosary, bible, or some religious object, to greet God as you greet the day?

Is it a candy bar that you keep stowed (possibly secretly) in your nightstand drawer, maybe Snickers or Twix?

It’s not my intention to pass judgement on any of these items. I have something else in mind. Just like the theme of my memoir/mystery, IN JUPITER’S SHADOW, I think it’s important to be self-aware. Knowing ourselves is the first step in evaluating our life balance, our passions, our addictions, our faith, and our “core.”

For me, it’s my Palm Treo PDA. That’s what I reach for first. I want to see if anyone’s emailed me since last night. And I want to check Facebook to see what’s happening with my friends.

It started to bother me how strong the desire to ‘grab the Treo’ has become. Here’s an example: if I’m tent camping and don’t have a place to plug the Treo in, I almost have angst that it’s not there. I remember once hearing a Dr. Laura comment that having angst about the absence of something was one way to evaluate addiction.

So, for me, I’ve made a little rule (in the series of little rules I make for me) that God and I talk first in the morning, before anything. Just to say hi. To center myself, my life, my thoughts, my day.

THEN I catch up with everybody else through the Treo. It just feels a little more in balance that way.

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