Tootsie and Jupiter’s Shadow

Posted: August 17, 2013 in Uncategorized

I went to see Tootsie (one of my favorite movies) at the Dryden Theater (one of my favorite theaters) last week during “Jessica Lange Month”. The movie holds up over time…it’s almost 30 years old and it still can make me laugh out loud. Big kudos to the writers of that script — I love how they seed each detail so that the intricate story (Michael loves Julie, Julie loves Dorothy, John wants Dorothy, Ron wants Julie (and others), Sandy loves Michael, Les loves Dorothy) just WORKS!

But…it occurred to me in this most recent viewing that Julie (Jessica Lange’s character) is living in Jupiter’s shadow. She’s dating a guy who treats her like crap…but ignores it so she’ll “have somebody to have dinner with.” And (as with many in Jupiter’s shadow) she successfully avoids the truth by dousing her troubles in alcohol…

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