The Pink Review

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February 22nd, 2010

So I’m on a work meeting phone conference the other day and one of the guys says that we need a dry run of our presentation. Or, as he says it’s called, a ‘pink review.’

But then he goes on to say that ‘I wish they didn’t call it the pink review. Ya know, couldn’t it just be another color?’

I chuckled, and the other team member chuckled…but I thought about it a little more later in the day and I felt a little sad.

Am I being too sensitive? The implication was obvious…that my teammate didn’t want to participate in a review called a ‘pink review’ because the name was too effeminate.

It’s tough to get a strong take on this. I respect that men in the corporate world don’t want to be perceived as effeminate. But I can’t help but realize that there’s an implication for the other side of the coin…that a pink review is something that’s reserved for homosexual men. And that being homosexual is less than desired.

Again, I may be reading too much into this. My colleagues are good guys. I don’t think they meant any harm with these comments. And I chuckled along with them. But a part of me still feels a little sad. Sad for the next generation of gay kids who hear these messages…and think less of themselves as a result.

They don’t deserve to feel anything but equal.

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