Inspiring Documentary With an Unusual Name

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July 18th, 2010

Fagbug. Yes, that’s actually the name of the movie.

Let me start by saying that it’s Pride Week here in Rochester, NY. Because I’m on the mailing list for our city’s GLBT annual movie festival, ImageOut, I got a note about an upcoming documentary at our city’s artsy theater, The Little. The story of a young woman (Erin Davies) at Russell Sage College in Albany, whose VW bug was defaced with anti-gay graffiti (which included the word “fag” in red spray paint across the driver’s window).

After contacting the police, she decided to undertake a personal quest. Instead of having the car repainted and the graffiti removed, she took the summer to drive around the US on her own – opening a dialogue about hate crimes — using the now-dubbed “Fagbug” as a conversation starter. The personal stories, prejudices, and solidarity she encountered make this a unique and interesting narrative.

Erin’s dedication to raising awareness about homophobia is admirable. I left the theater inspired to continue my own activism efforts with IN JUPITER’S SHADOW — reinforcing the concept that when we come out of the shadows and into the light, when we show the faces behind the stereotypes, we pave the way for future generations who will celebrate, not persecute, diversity. I encourage others to visit Erin’s site and view her story for themselves.

Roll on, Fagbug!


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