Guys Need Guys

Posted: August 17, 2013 in Uncategorized

August 19th, 2009

Okay, let me start by saying this is NOT a homosexual reference.

I just want to say that, in my 43 years on this earth, I’ve come to realize that guys need guys.

It’s fine that guys need women, and women need men, and women need woman, and we all need each other..that’s the fabric of life. I’m not trying to comment on that today. I think it’s important for men to hear that we need each other. And how okay that is. Homophobia in our culture hurts straight guys as much as gay guys — as we all hide behind our towels in the locker room or avoid hugging friends because someone might think “something’s wrong.”

I celebrate and support the equality of the sexes. That’s not what this is about either. I just feel that men in today’s society sometimes hang their heads in shame a little bit…just for being male. And that’s not a healthy message for today’s young men.

So for whoever is listening, I encourage men to spend guy time together. Don’t let homophobia stand in the way of enjoying and loving your friends. For example, my high school friends and I (seven of us) planned an outing to Yosemite the summer we all turned forty. Just guys…the wives (or in my case, husband) stayed home. It was a fantastic time…falling into the same high school roles, having the same high school laughs, drinking the same brand of beer (Moosehead), making all the same stupid jokes (“is that what she said?”), culminating at dusk in all of us climbing up into the cupola of our rental cabin at Half Dome to sing “Memory” (a song from our high school glee club) at the top of our lungs. Just stupid, silly, great, guy fun.

When we got back, one of my friend’s wives wanted to know what we did. It’s easy to verbalize the hikes, and the dinners, and the card games. But there’s an intangible quality to the time together that is exclusively male…and I feel it’s important to say how “okay” that is.

So hold your heads high, men. Being a guy is a wonderful thing.

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